Davie Does Cancer - 2018 Journal

Headed home

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Tomorrow is a big day for me - FIRST I have to make a round trip from my East Bay retreat into the "City" for my first follow-up appointment with the surgery team. This is not as easy as it sounds. It's only 40 miles or less but will take well over an hour each way for what is...

Home Safely

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I know, I'm trying to be e-free today, but I just wanted to thank my cousin Ron and Randy for getting mi into and out of the City and safely, comfortably home. Changed the header pic for location.

Now local docs take over the details, starting with an appt at 4pm today.

Stupid Setbacks

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Friday was my best day yet, containing a energetic walk and a no-prob trip to the doctor with a stop at Taco Tree for supper. Sitting, standing and reclining (and transitions) were easy peasy. But sometime during the night I "pulled" my lower back getting off the throne. We've...

Week of transitions

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Remember back to grade school when we saw that cartoon about the evolution from ape through various stages to Homo Sapien? (See pic) That's been my life this week - walking all hunched over and gradually getting more upright with the help of rest and ice-packs. My tweaked back is about 90%...

When you are supposed to do nothing...

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...do you really need a day off? YES Thursday did, in fact, end in a trip to the Auburn E.R. for Dad. His legs "weakness" got the doctor so worried she called me up special to encourage us to bring him in. I was SO GREATFUL that she smoothed the way by calling our case in to the...

Ready for some help and company

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I am better, to the point I am realizing more of my limitations! Wow - who knew resting was so hard! Today is a good example... We (nephew Ethan, Dad and I) have been planning a trip to Costco to order Dad an updated prescription glasses. Dad's illness last week exhausted both of us,...

One month tomorrow...

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My surgery was October 5th, so today marks the end of 1 full month in recovery! The time has passed in a blur - I can hardly believe it. Of course, the first week was in the hospital. I remember many fine people who worked with me -- nurses, doctors, therapists -- but the time seems like a...

Back Online

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Ready or not, I am slowly coming back "online" with my daily and weekly routines. Not sure I'm happy about it! Glad to be feeling better, but a little frustrated with how quickly the energy runs out. As I mentioned last week, getting meals on the table for Dad and nephew Ethan...

What Matters Most

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Yesterday was the 6th month anniversary of my cancer surgery. It's time to write the closing post to this chapter – thank you all for being patient. Some of you have sent cards or reached out on Facebook, text or called. I've experienced an amazing amount of support from familiar...

Another Journey Ahead

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Dear friends - It seems I'm going to take another journey with liver cancer.  In some ways it is more serious that the first time, because I only have part of my liver left, the cancer is inoperable this time and seems to be more 'aggressive'.  However, the expected...