Stupid Setbacks

Stupid Setbacks
David Loofbourrow

Stupid Setbacks

(from CaringBridge 2018)

Friday was my best day yet, containing a energetic walk and a no-prob trip to the doctor with a stop at Taco Tree for supper. Sitting, standing and reclining (and transitions) were easy peasy.

But sometime during the night I "pulled" my lower back getting off the throne. We've got a handrail on the right side and I must have twisted a bit. Anyway, TODAY I'm walking like a 100 yo, in tons of pain from my back; thankfully the wounds are fine. Grrrrr (angry panda pic below)! Today I am using a walker grrr and belly band brace full time.

I'm doing back exercises and ice packs, sigh, (certainly isn't my first time around the track with lower back pain) but I'm very limited in what stretching I can do. And I really am trying to keep a grateful attitude since this is the first unexpected difficulty. 

Still, grrr

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