One month tomorrow...

David Loofbourrow

One month tomorrow...

(from CaringBridge 2018)

My surgery was October 5th, so today marks the end of 1 full month in recovery! The time has passed in a blur - I can hardly believe it.

Of course, the first week was in the hospital. I remember many fine people who worked with me -- nurses, doctors, therapists -- but the time seems like a dream (sort of was a drugged fog, I suppose!) The second week was an amazing quiet time with Joel, days and nights of rest, balancing, initial healing and peace -- which passed too quickly. Now at home for two weeks, I have made amazing strides in healing. With my family's help, I'm stronger every day!

So, here are some blessings and thoughts I have from this journey so far (in no particular order...except the first one!)

  • As of this moment - I am CANCER FREE! I guess I didn't make that clear when I previously shared that the surgeon declared the surgery "perfect". Not only was the skilled cutting and sewing up done well, but also the RESULTS -- Biopsies showed ALL of the cancer was removed and prior tests showed I had no other cancer, so! There will be quarterly testing to be sure it stays that way, but as of now, there will be no ongoing radiation, chemo, drugs, anything!
  • As a dedicated introvert, I have been daily surprised at how many people have shown their support. I'm not good at "keeping up" with a many people at once, but I am seeing how the relationships and connections are still there!
  • I developed an emotional connection to one of my pillows, and may or may not have given it a name...
  • There is something different about breathing now. Maybe I'll write about this someday. The early days' focus on that damn breath-o-meter exerciser (while on serious narcotics) rewired something so that I notice my breath quite often. Sort of random Yoga moments 24/7.
  •  Shorter hair, beard... What? a scruffier, more intense look? I think I'm keeping it for a while.
  • Losing weight: My weigh-in at 2 weeks was 20 pounds less, though the Dr. said count 10 pounds for the surgery. Not sure which 1/2 of that equation is most impressive...
  • The fact that I went from diagnosis on August 31 to surgery in just 5 weeks, and now I am a month into recovery with such great progress. Blows my mind.
  • The blessing of Sutter Health Network (medical team), Medicare and United Health Insurance.
  • The concept of HOW BIG A BULLET I DODGED -- at how I got my life back. words.
  • What's next... I am wrestling with what it all means - today and going forward.

Visualize the immensity of the Universe and imagine how significant YOUR LITTLE DOT in it IS, pray for insight as to what that means.

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