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Another Journey Ahead

(from CaringBridge)

David Loofbourrow 0 824
Dear friends - It seems I'm going to take another journey with liver cancer.  In some ways it is more serious that the first time, because I only have part of my liver left, the cancer is inoperable this time and seems to be more 'aggressive'.  However, the expected...

Phase: Recovering from the Hospital

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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In every Great Journey there is a time after the Trial, after the Survival, but before the trek home back to recovery and resumption of normal life. I call it the time of Respite, a place of patching the big pieces together. It's a time of quiet, wisdom found in silence. A safe place where...

Good news - the surgery was a success!

(from CaringBridge 2018)

David Loofbourrow 0 726
POSTED BY JR ON BEHALF: I am happy to report that David's surgery went well, the tumor was removed and with no complications. Overall it was a success, the surgeon told me. David's recovery has begun and I fully expect he will post an update here in the next day or two. Here is a...

Not a Survivor - a Hero

(from CaringBridge 2018)

David Loofbourrow 0 793
A few have noticed my language as I have talked about the cancer, my interaction with it and the surgery. I have been very precise, I think, avoiding any "war" or "victim" language. I am being careful NOT to frame cancer as happening TO ME but rather happening IN ME....

Coming Out (again?)

(from CaringBridge 2018)

David Loofbourrow 0 827
Today I elected to make a rather broad announcement about my cancer diagnosis. I chose to use Facebook, even though I previously said to a few I wouldn't post anything there. Facebook has become so divisive in the political climate I have pretty much devolved to scanning for kitten and puppy...

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