Headed home

David Loofbourrow

Headed home

(from CaringBridge 2018)

Tomorrow is a big day for me -

FIRST I have to make a round trip from my East Bay retreat into the "City" for my first follow-up appointment with the surgery team. This is not as easy as it sounds. It's only 40 miles or less but will take well over an hour each way for what is likely to be a 15 minute appointment. I am so THANKFUL my cousin Ron, who lives on the Peninsula, is going to drive me in the morning. He's lived here a long time and is used to the traffic and streets.

THEN friend Randy from church is picking me up at the S.F. clinic to drive us back to Fremont, collect my luggage, and head to Grass Valley. I can't say how much it means for him to spend his whole day on the road, braving the city traffic and everything in-between. I HOPE we've got this timed to avoid most of the high-commute times in several cities, but we'll have to take it as it comes.

So I will be up and about, seated in a car or walking around the Clinic campus, for over 10hours tomorrow. So far, I've only walked about 8 or 9 blocks, though I have practiced sitting in a lounger chair for many hours now ;-)

Just to warn y'all - I am planning to go "radio silent" for Thursday and Friday as I make and recover from the cross-state trek. That includes calls, texts, emails and visits.

Couple of things:  Please hold my wonderful BFF Joel in your affirmations this week/end as he prepares to leave for a Habitat for Humanity trip AND get over an untimely cold. And second, please take time to listen to and be blessed by this song which has brought me through many a challenge, including this past 2 weeks:

2nd Chapter of Acts - Mansion Builder (1978)

Meditate on these lyrics, the second verse, with me:

And I've been told that there's a

Crystal lake in the sky

And every tear from my eyes

Is saved when I cry

And I've been told there'll come a time

When the sun will cease to shine

And that there is a Morning Star

Who knows my mind

So why should I worry?

Why should I fret?

'Cause I've got a Mansion Builder

Who ain't through with me yet

There's another room to build, it seems. Shall we begin?

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