When you are supposed to do nothing...

David Loofbourrow

When you are supposed to do nothing...

(from CaringBridge 2018)

...do you really need a day off? YES

Thursday did, in fact, end in a trip to the Auburn E.R. for Dad. His legs "weakness" got the doctor so worried she called me up special to encourage us to bring him in. I was SO GREATFUL that she smoothed the way by calling our case in to the hospital. They were expecting Dad so we were received and processed in a matter of minutes after arriving! A--MAZ--ING!

A few hours of tests and exams led the E.R. doctor to call the whole thing 'dizziness' (Dad has a history here) brought on by dehydration from the stomach bug. They gave him a liter of fluids and pills for dizziness and nausea, and sent us home by 8 p.m. Pop slept for almost 24 hours; we actually had to rouse him for meals, liquids and to be sure he was making it to the bathroom etc.

We, all of us, were exhausted from the all-nighter on Wednesday followed up by 2 trips to Auburn on Thursday, so I declared Friday as "Saturday a day early" and we all did basically nothing. 

Of course, we have all been emotionally and spiritually drained by the ongoing drama of the bomber (Friday) and synagogue shooting today. I'm sad and angry about this violence and quite frustrated with the national conversation America seems to be UNABLE to have about these things. I was struck by the similarity between my posts about my cancer and this social cancer we are living with. Every caring famous-person says on TV something like, "This must not become our 'new normal'; this is not our America; we're better than this." Well, just like the fact that my cancer is IN ME and (was) a PART OF ME -- and until I identified, acknowledged and acted on that fact it could not be healed -- Americans MUST ACCEPT that this hatred and division IS A PART OF AMERICA right now (maybe always has been). 

[Ok, enough on that for now... Note: a sermon is percolating - stay tuned, New Faith!]

Anyway, let our visualization, imagination and prayers be centered on supporting and strengthening all those touched by this week's violence AND how we can each become instruments of Peace.

Please click to listen to this ONJ song of prayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M5kl8WB2T4

This version is a blessing, as well: https://youtu.be/PMjdhSAr4SM

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