Yesterday was tough...

David Loofbourrow

Yesterday was tough...

(from CaringBridge 2018)

Monday was such a busy day: my last doctor's appointment, some important banking errands, meeting some Besties for supper. I was worn out, yet felt accomplished.

Tuesday I had set aside for packing but there were a myriad of tasks to finish up. Brother Jim and Linda were arriving and I had to complete the cleaning of the guest room. And get a casserole in the oven. I also finished up my playlist, figured out how to download it to my new MP3 player with volume leveling (I had to buy a pretty awesome music library program that does this-- MediaMonkey -- there's a free version but of course the upgrade is required for that one feature I needed, right?) I also compiled an emergency call list for family to use "in case" we need to actually call upon y'all for some of the wonderful things you've offered to help with. And seemingly, tons more.

Oh, yes -- I finishing and printing up the copies of my will, power of attorney, and health care directive. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THESE DOCUMENTS - don't wait until you "need" them! Super easy, but takes a bit of time and organization (been working on them for a month). Go right now to and get Quicken Willmaker. Easier than doing on-line taxes! /**end of unpaid commercials **/

Anyway, I exhausted myself which led to big dreams (not the Million Dollar Lottery kind) and some night-time depression. I'm feeling better now, though. My list is almost done, I'm headed to San Francisco in a few hours and the Journey will continue -- the next goal is in sight!

Visualize a new and beautiful dawn, imagine 'letting go' into hands of the Creator, pray for safe travels.

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