Ok ok, the word is "fatty"

David Loofbourrow

Ok ok, the word is "fatty"

(from CaringBridge 2018)

[Sorry for missing yesterday's post - it was a day of catching up on 'work' and household chores...]

So, the diagnosis of the CAUSE of this cancer is officially "non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis" NASH -- or in layman's terms: "Fatty Liver". Basically its like cirrhosis of the liver but without all the drinking.

Fatty liver causes a bunch of problems, including making recovery time harder and causes the ability of the liver to regenerate (isn't that cool??) to be slower. 

One of my takeaways from my BDoL (Big Day of Liver - see prior post) is that the 50% chance of another cancer recurring within 3 years can be greatly improved by reducing the fattiness of the liver. Doable, but almost as hard the cancer part: weight loss. Unfortunately, the fat in the liver isn't the first to go on a diet plan -- I will need to lose 50-70 pounds BEFORE I will see much effect in the liver. As probably everyone knows, dieting and exercise are hard and mostly unsuccessful. As Dr. O stated, "If we enjoyed exercising, we'd already be doing it."

I've been overweight most of my life. Especially bad since the stresses starting in 2000's including a bankruptcy, declining income, job stress, family issues, etc. I've tried so many diets and eating plans - from Vegan to Ketogenic (all protein, no carbs). Some pounds are lost and then regained, as most people experience.

I've never enjoyed sports except skiing in my teens and coaching/playing Volleyball in my 20's. In one of those sports I must have injured my left knee because that intermittent pain has limited/excluded most physical activities for me, including hiking around my beautiful mountain area. Today, added to that and other joint pain issues are allergies/asthma which restrict my breathing. I'm pretty much out after 5 minutes.

Both of the doctors at my BDoL encouraged me to consider Bariatric Surgery as my weight lost solution. (see yucky details here)  Dr. F said that 90% of fatty liver patients who do this, resolve their fatty liver problem (and thus reduce cancer re-occurrence).

I want to say I'll try to solve this on my own... I have good friends who want to help me work on the Paleo lifestyle (as I get it) and are recommending books like "How Not To Die".  I will be meeting with a nutritionist after my oncologist appointment next week. - - BUT - - 


If you are willing to share with me your experience on this topic - please:

  1. Make a comment to this post (remember they are visible to all)
  2. or leave comment that I should contact you
  3. or just email me directly at david.loofbourrow@gmail.com

I probably can't get this done along with the cancer surgery, or very soon afterwards - so there is time to make this decision. I appreciate any and all help on this question!!!

Visualize strength and joy of activity, imagine delicious salads, and pray for wholeness.

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