Music to float by

David Loofbourrow

Music to float by

(from CaringBridge 2018)

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on bariatric surgery, weight loss, exercise ideas and support from yesterday's post! I'll let you know what I decide after my chat with the nutritionist and my medical team.

Another topic I faced at the BDoL was the surgery itself. I am told I will be "on the table" for 4 to 5 hours. Dr. O talked about the risks. They have to tell you that stuff, but it shook me up a bit.

One risk I HAVE HEARD ABOUT but that was not brought up was anesthesia. Five hours is a long time to be out and there are usually side-effects. Some types of anesthetics can shut down your digestive "smooth muscle" system (digestion/elimination). I may not have much choice in what chems are used, which is actually ok with me.

But what I am thinking about is my STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS during the surgery. I have heard tales of people remembering and being traumatized by the sounds and cross-talk around the table. Some believe the altered state of anesthesia is much like a hypnosis -- the ego is turned off but the sub-conscious tape-recorded is running.


Please share in comments or by email:

I have already decided to ask for EARPLUGS, at the minimum. But better yet would be headphones and SOOTHING MUSIC! I will be contacting the team to see if this is possible. In the meantime - as an exercise of  intention, I want to compile 5 hours of music that fits my criteria. If I can't use it during surgery I will surely use it in recovery and the day or two of intensive care, and beyond.


Here is the kind of music I am looking for. I have some CD's along these lines, but nothing current.


"Deep Peace" by Bill Douglas :

"Serenity" by George Winston:


  • Basically NEW-AGE, ambient "world" or Classical
    • Smooth electronic, orchestral, acoustic
    • Choral is ok, if otherwise qualified below
  • Melodic and dreamy - avoid much beat (don't want to get to dancing on the table!)
    • Nothing too emotional or that would get my heart-beat up (love Yanni but his stuff can be big/inspiring: too much)
  • Prefer no [English] words except like above - message of peace, joy, calm, positivity
    • Celtic Enya-like stuff is good (I already have much Enya)
    • Most of what I have is 20-30 years back.
  • Definitely not pop songs or show tunes (they may not appreciate me breaking out in singing)

Please comment or email albums, artists or songs. I guess you might have playlists -- I'm not sure how sharing them works so your help is appreciated. If you can send a YouTube or Amazon Music link to the song you love, I will be happy to purchase or download it. It will be a little bit of YOU with me, if this works. If I have time I could do a more peppy list of songs for my recovery time and when I get home.


Visualize floating in beautiful sound-clouds, imagine liquid joy, pray for deep peace.

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