Just so you know: October 5th

David Loofbourrow

Just so you know: October 5th

(from CaringBridge 2018)

A few folks have not seen or didn't notice the pop-up notification when you first log on so I though I better make sure everyone has seen this:

Surgery has been set for Friday October 5th (with a curiously specific arrival time: 9:20 am.)

I will post more about the timeline as I learn more - but then again, so much is conjecture. When I'm released from Intensive Care to a room, when I get out of the hospital, if I need to go to skilled nursing or home...it all depends on how it goes.

Also -- the surgery date COULD BE MODIFIED depending on how the cardiology appointment(s) go. At minimum I must have a full cardiac stress test (not doing the treadmill one, nope) and perhaps have an "cardiac intervention review" or some such appointment. 

+ + + + + + + SONG LIST + + + + + + + + + + + 

Please keep sending me song suggestions (per Sept 22 post). It is so uplifting and comforting to hear a song you feel will be healing for me.

I decided - because of feedback from y'all - that I will use the "mellow" music during my day(s) in recovery (probably not in surgery). But as I started reviewing my personal collection, and some of your suggestions, I find there are awesome favorite "perky" songs I can listen to that will cheer me up. I'm making two song-lists for my hospital time, then, depending on if I am needing to chill during pain med induced sleep (etc.) or when I want to wake up and face the music (literally).

SO, if you have a song (ok, with English words!) that really communicates your heart, or you think would cheer me up --> please send it. I would love to have the love-song from you with me!!

Tonight's visualization is about getting many things done, stress free. The prayer is a song I found today which had me bawling, one that reaches out from my heart to YOU.

Please click to listen to Annie Herring "Number Me in Your Prayers"

BTW, I am ecumenical believer in prayer. One caring person asked if that was ok even as an agnostic or atheist. Sure! Everyone can pray - prayer is really just an intimate way to express Love -- in and to your own heart. Whoever needs to hear it -- will

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