I Got the Call —

David Loofbourrow

I Got the Call —

(from CaringBridge 2018)

This is exciting news! 

Today, as I was preparing to visit my GP, I got the long-awaited call from CPMC - to schedule my first appointment with the San Francisco Liver Clinic. Even more thrilling is there was a cancelation for TOMORROW -- Wednesday -- that is TWO WEEKS SOONER than they could schedule it otherwise.

I SAID YES! (ok, not exactly a proposal - but I'm almost as excited!) 1:30 pm!

It meant scrambling to get to the City - a three hour + drive - making quick arrangements for Dad and still squeeze in the previously scheduled GP appointment for flu and pneumonia shots. When I got to Auburn for the appointment, Dr. Sobel had received communication from the S.F. medical team that, since I was seeing him anyway, could he just arrange one more little CT-scan, please?

Dr. S pulled strings and sent me off for a 4:30 over to the hospital. In the excitement, we almost forgot the shots! I felt like a V.I.P. as I was whisked down to Radiology (and an old pro since this was my 2nd scan in a week). However, the tech insisted I drink 24 oz of water before the test (oh, sweet lordy - it's yet another dose of dye!) and wait another 1/2 hour before I got the I.V., injection, and scan. ALSO, because it was a last minute deal, Dr. S insisted I ask for a CD/disc of the scan data - just in case the pictures didn't get uploaded in time for my S.F. appointment tomorrow. Of course, that took another 20 minutes.

Now I am in the middle of commute hour facing the sunset, so I decide to have supper at my favorite place, Sierra Grille. The place was packed. I had to wait for a table a little bit, and it took an extra while to get the food. I wasn't on the road until well after 7:30. Then, I notice as I pull onto highway 49 that my "low tire pressure" light is on, plus I have to get gas. It takes 3 stops at gas stations to find one with an air pump - wasting another hour. Remember I have been hydrating to wash out the damn dye...

I'm pleased to report I safely arrived in Fremont (Bay Area) at 11 pm. I'm not sure I will quickly fall asleep as the anticipation of tomorrow's meeting dances in my brain. I was told that this CONSULTATION will be with a surgeon first and after that, a hepatologist, who will at last lay out what my treatment options are, their recommendations, and request my decision.

I could use that super power about now, ok?

Visualize a calm and safe trip to and through San Francisco, imagine the BEST POSSIBLE options and pray for wisdom in my choices. 

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