Glowing - and not in the good way

Glowing - and not in the good way
David Loofbourrow

Glowing - and not in the good way

(from CaringBridge 2018)

In my first oncology orientation appointment, I was learning about what tests were on the docket. When I heard I would be having my FOURTH CT-scan, I semi-joked that "I might start glowing" from all the x-rays. Dr. Chellappah, very professional in her demeanor, turned to me, pointed at the screen and said, "Oh, it's in there!" She proceeded to tell me, with a straight face, all about my full-body bone scan.
Today is the day for that test. I showed up at the Sutter Imaging in Sacramento to get a shot of a nuclear isotope juice that will float around my body settling in my skeleton so that, in a few hours, I can be photographed by Gama-ray cameras to see if there is anything lurking in my bones. I will be literally 'glowing' with a very low-level radiation! (Are super-powers completely out of the question…?)
I have a convenient 3-hour wait time that I am filling with errands to Costco, Fry's Electronics and lunch at Panera's. (Yay, free pastry on points for tomorrow's breakfast!)
I said "photographed" but I don't really know what technology is employed. My tech is really nice, so maybe she will explain when we get there. The scan will take an hour, hopefully less. I'll update this post if I find out something interesting about my first time under Gama. Or if I get a super-power.
Afterwards, I jet back up to Auburn for the aforementioned "fourth CT-scan" which includes my favorite: "with dye".

  • UPDATE: The bone scan machine works by the gamma cameras (just top and bottom, not 3d like CT) focusing the emitted radiation on a crystal that converts the radiation to light, which is in turn captured by a digital image chip.
  • CT iodine dye injection was not nearly as painful as last time!
  • No sign of super-power manifestation...

Today also includes much 'hydration" to wash out all the fun fluids they've injected. I look forward to another night of 5 visits to the hen house.

Visualize clear pictures, imagine full disclosure -- no guessing!, --and pray for confidence and hope!

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