Friends are amazing!

Friends are amazing!
David Loofbourrow

Friends are amazing!

(from CaringBridge 2018)

I'm completely blown away by friends! I see there almost 90 people visiting my caring bridge. I rarely stop to think about more than the dozen folk I'm interacting with at the moment... 

But over the last couple of weeks I have intentionally hung out with my various social groups, or had contacts via social media and old-fashioned communication. Maybe others experience this too, but I go from day to day, focused on the next thing: GVMV Choir, writer's group(s), church... but I'm seeing former work colleagues, people from Chicago, Memphis, Fremont and home-town Hollister connections flare to life in gracious response to my crisis.

It's caused me to inventory my boons (otherwise know as "count my blessings") It's overwhelming. A high school classmate offers a stay in the home town, a former student has opened his home for my recovery, several people are committed to long-range transportation, people holding my hand through the early doctor appointments, one significant donation offered "because you're gonna need it!", offers to make food, people willing to sit with Dad if needed, my family stepping up with Grandpa, people coming to visit me in the hospital, and the list goes on. Best has been hundreds and hundreds hugs, tears and prayers.

I don't have words to express or even understanding how to process this support. I'm an introvert -- uncomfortable at a bridge game -- and I have never been good at "long distance relationships". I'm probably gonna be awkward with the attention, sketchy with responding, spotty about keeping up with you. I'm humbled, I'm blessed, I'm so thankful. I appreciate that you're (unknowingly) pulling me out of my comfort zone because succeed in this Journey won't just be overcoming cancer, it will include my FRIENDS helping me grow through pain and change. THANK YOU

And speaking of "change" and "grow" - check out my new haircut! I decided I didn't want continuous bed-head hair for 2 months,  so I cut it off! I'm actually loving how it feels/maintains so far. Thoughts?

Visualize organization, imagine possibilities, pray for elegant creativity. 

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