Finishing Up this Phase

David Loofbourrow

Finishing Up this Phase

(from CaringBridge 2018)

Yesterday I did the good ole heart stress test - with the added excitement of two shots of radiation and an hour under the Gama Cameras! My Spidie-sense is telling me (ok, it's Jan at Dr. O's office) that we are nearing the end of "discovery" phase. Today I do the last of it: an EKG and a chest X-Ray (maybe I'll have Spidie-senses by tomorrow, then?-)

I also had a productive meeting with a nutritionist - I was surprised by the takeaway from her - ALL ABOUT PROTEIN and veggies - targeting 110-130 grams of protein a day during recovery. Building blocks, or we might think of those amino's as the yarn which will be knitting me back together. Cool. I can do this! (Sadly, bacon isn't really on the list, but hey, ham is close...)

NEXT WEEK I start the next phase - preparation for takeoff!

Monday - Followup (kickoff!) with Oncologist (when she said 3 weeks ago that she expected it to be all settled by this appointment, I didn't believe her... but here we are!) 

Tuesday - Packing and last minute details in Grass Valley

Wednesday - Travel to Bay Area and get set up there. Probably staying in a S.F. hotel

Thursday - Surgery prep tests (heart, blood, etc.) and pre-op consultations

Friday - Check in to hospital at 8:00 am. Surgery will start at 10:00 am. 

Visualize a clear path, imagine relentless progress, pray for calm determination.

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