A Mystery Solved (almost)

David Loofbourrow

A Mystery Solved (almost)

(from CaringBridge 2018)

Last weekend I had reason to visit Fremont for a 50 year celebration of the Christian School where I worked 30-40 years ago. Anticipating there might be an appointment set at CPMC for early in the week (this timing had been implied when I first talked to an admin there) I planned to stay over with BFF Joel a day or two. If nothing else, I could have a quiet 'down day' while Joel was at work. I was leisurely checking my email and notifications about 9:30 am when I noticed there was a new "TO DO" on my Health Online page: a "consultation" at CPMC in San Francisco -- in 10 minutes! SF is probably an hour from where I was staying; I started hyperventilating.

No one had called to make an appointment and I was sure that it hadn't been on my list Friday or Saturday. I kinda freaked out thinking I was missing the long-awaited, very important meeting! I called all over the place. The listed phone number dropped into a sequence of those menu trees - there are 10 different departments and clinics, how did I know which one to click? After 2 or 3 "I'll connect you to the right department..." (yo, it's another phone tree) I got someone to actually undertake. After much keyboard clicking she asked if I knew so-and-so or Dr. XYZ. Nope, not my Dr. at CPMC. Seemed like I might be the wrong patient named David Loofbourrow or it was posted my mistake. She attempted to contact the Dr. but had to leave a message for him to call me.

I immediately called Margo, who I call the "project manager". By the time we connected, the odd appointment had dropped into "Past Appointments". She was equally unclear as to why this Dr. was involved and the code for the appointment was nothing that had been prescribed. I suggested I had, perhaps, been referred twice to the CPMC or something. Margo declared it a 'mystery' and pushed it up to my oncologist Dr. C asking me to report back when/if the Dr. called me.

Next day, Dr. C emailed that she had spoken to this rogue doctor and he would call me to explain what was going on. No call as of yet, HOWEVER TODAY we have a post in my Online records of the NOTES from said Monday meeting. Best I can tell, I wasn't even (necessarily) invited to that meeting - it was between two specialists to evaluate the images I had already on file. The interesting (but mostly incomprehensible) diagnosis is more detailed and differs somewhat from what my local radiologist wrote. I hope to have this translated on Monday by one of the team.
What I have figured now (unconfirmed) is that between my two CPMC doctors, one is focused on transplant path while the other is on general cancer issues. The bit of mystery that remains is why the Team Leader Dr. C was unaware of the two tracks. As far as I'm concerned - the more the merrier, all good, so long as we keep the communication flowing. 

Visualize details revealed and imagine them in beautiful order. Pray for encouragement and patience.

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