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Not a Survivor - a Hero

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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A few have noticed my language as I have talked about the cancer, my interaction with it and the surgery. I have been very precise, I think, avoiding any "war" or "victim" language. I am being careful NOT to frame cancer as happening TO ME but rather happening IN ME....

Like a Bee

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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Yesterday was SO PRODUCTIVE - thank you for sending your energy in that direction! Appointments were set after MANY phone calls, many tasks and errands completed; I even enjoyed a bit of R&R with a movie and dinner out. I switched my header picture to represent my busy days ahead. (The...

Just so you know: October 5th

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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A few folks have not seen or didn't notice the pop-up notification when you first log on so I though I better make sure everyone has seen this: Surgery has been set for Friday October 5th (with a curiously specific arrival time: 9:20 am.) I will post more about the timeline as I...

Music to float by

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on bariatric surgery, weight loss, exercise ideas and support from yesterday's post! I'll let you know what I decide after my chat with the nutritionist and my medical team. Another topic I faced at the BDoL was the surgery itself. I am told...

Ok ok, the word is "fatty"

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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[Sorry for missing yesterday's post - it was a day of catching up on 'work' and household chores...] So, the diagnosis of the CAUSE of this cancer is officially "non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis" NASH -- or in layman's terms: "Fatty Liver". Basically its...

My Big Day of Liver

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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Welcome to California Pacific Medical Clinic Liver Lesion Clinic  My Big Day of Liver Today was the long-awaited meeting with the liver doctors at CPMC to go over EVERYTHING and set our next steps. I learned a lot of other problems that have been uncovered which are (somewhat less)...

I Got the Call —

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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This is exciting news!  Today, as I was preparing to visit my GP, I got the long-awaited call from CPMC - to schedule my first appointment with the San Francisco Liver Clinic. Even more thrilling is there was a cancelation for TOMORROW -- Wednesday -- that is TWO WEEKS SOONER than they...

Coming Out (again?)

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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Today I elected to make a rather broad announcement about my cancer diagnosis. I chose to use Facebook, even though I previously said to a few I wouldn't post anything there. Facebook has become so divisive in the political climate I have pretty much devolved to scanning for kitten and puppy...

A Mystery Solved (almost)

(from CaringBridge 2018)

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Last weekend I had reason to visit Fremont for a 50 year celebration of the Christian School where I worked 30-40 years ago. Anticipating there might be an appointment set at CPMC for early in the week (this timing had been implied when I first talked to an admin there) I planned to stay over...

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